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On the first day, Sunday April 14,2013 I was called at 1:10 AM because supposably our son had committed a terrible violation. My 20 year old, emancipated, with a child of his own had taken a sip of his older brothers beer.

I was very upset because of this totally *** reason, especially when they should have just called the next day. After this our group of 11 were all followed, harassed, checked, discriminated and humiliated every single day of the trip. We were checked everywhere. This family trip was advised by our sons psychiatrist for therapy after being a victim of carjacking and nearly being killed, what a vacation!

Extreme security, as if we were criminals. In addition we paid full price for our 19 month old grandson and he could not even use the pool, he did not even have a bed (just a playpen with no mattress), no special food for him, just a *** hour of playing with toys in a stuffed room full a chairs and not even one changing table in the bathrooms, total discrimination towards babies. Add how boring the ship is, and if your hungry you are in for it...the only thing there is 24 hours are old mini sandwiches and maybe bananas. Ice cream is only five hours a day and an employee gives it to you.

Entertainment is poor,I never saw Anthony Richards in the ship (just in the shows), the service desk manager justified the attitude and behavior of the director of security, who is a very cold, hateful, military type, hostel mogul. Never will I travel again in Royal Caribbean Cruises. We are all professionals, students, humble people who have spread the word in our jobs,families, neighbors and friends. Adventure of the Seas has a serious problem mistreating its customers just to try to be so tight secured.

They should relax, we are on vacation, not in jail.

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You sir, need to be punched in the face. Your crying because your son broke the rules on the very first day, emancipation has nothing to do with ignorance of the law or YOUR lack of supervision.

Apparently you didn't raise a law abiding child but RCI is the one you blame. Wish I was the security chief,you would have been paying airfare home from the next port with no refund you pompous @ ss.


your underaged son drank , they can be in big trouble and lose their liquor license , how about parents stop feeling that their children are special and dont need to follow rules or laws.

to emp9 #880362

What a right *** emp9 is

The guy was on holiday for *** sake, not probation

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