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our much anticpated 10th anniversary was booked on the Oasis of the Seas, departing from Port Everglads on the 22 of May. 1st, our departure was delayed because the company was installing wave deflectors to keep lifeboats from being swept away by waves.

This operation was cloaked under the guise of "routine Coast Guard procedure" and we didn't learn what was really going on until we took a private cruise on the Intercoastal Waterway, where our captain explained just what was being added to the ship. Thusly our itinerary was changed so that Nassau would be our 1st stop, not the last stop. We picked up a crew member in Nassau, who then, sadly committed suicide by jumping ship! The ship was turned around and searched for several hours (abiding by Coast Guard rules) but was unable to find the member.

We were then told that we would not be able to stop at St. Thomas, and that credit towards a future cruise would be given as a "goodwill gesture". Since a future cruise will not be feasible, due to medical and financial concerns, we asked Guest Services to consider a smaller compensation in the form on shipboard credit. We got the runaround for 4 days, with each inquiry being met with a different answer.

"The hotel manager has to decide on a case by case basis". "we will leave a message in your cabin tomorrow. Not! On the last day of the cruise we were told by the desk staff that the decision had been made the day of the tragedy, so we had been yanked around for 4 days.

Not to mention the fact that the suicide had a great impact on our view of the cruise. It was a terrible thing, and more mention should have been made. Perhaps a memorial service, or a moment of silence, instead of the inane announcements of Art Auction Extravaganzas and Bingo. You got the idea that the crewmember was, to Royal Caribbean what a "troop" is to the U.S.Government.

Very off-putting, as most of the staff was very hard-working and pleasent. Apparently, according to reliable sources, people overboard has happened at least 22 times on RC ships over the past 10 years,so you would think that the company would be ready to compensate it's "inconvenienced" passengers.

The icing on the cake was when my husband was told by one of the Guest Service staff that Royal Caribben is "under NO obligation to take you to ANY port". Isn't that the point of a cruise, and what diferentiates it from an all-inclusive resort? (Which, by the way, we found to be a far better value).

If RC is not "obligated" to take anyone to any ports then why do they stress the number of destinations they go to? If you don't think of the destinations as part of the cruise then don't bloody include them. Just stock the ship with ice and booze and dock somewhere for a week. And please don't try contacting the RC Corporate Guest Relations.

They make the Guest Service People on the ship look pleasant by comparison. It's obvious that RC thinks it has it's market locked up and that bad PR won't hurt it, but we can only hope tht other industries treat the RC family as rudely and shabbily as they treat their customers.

Review about: Royal Caribbean Cruise.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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They can not cook food for 6,000 guests and make it well. Food was undercooked or over cooked even in the speciality restaurants.

The ship was like walking in a busy street at 12 noon in New York City or Tokyo. Bumper to bumper people.The Art Gallery was selling

phony art stay away.


Paid $8.400.00 for my son, daughter inlaw and two grandchildren in June for their 10th. anniversary cruise on the Oasis of the Seas.

They could not attende any of the shows because they were not pre reserved and were ask to stand in a waiting line to no avail. Ship is not toddler friendly and or equiped for toddlers not potty trained. Unless you are willing to pay $25.00 per hour for a baby sitter, there isn't much the family can do but stroll around. Daughter inlaw and one child were burned in the play zone pool because of a very high level of chlorine which was shut down shortly thereafter for 48 hours.

Pool staff yelled at the daqughter inlaw. Ship is too large and is like a wallmart style cruise. Family disembarked at St. martin because they were so unhappy with the Oasis experience.

My advice is stay off the big ship and dont expect any compensation from RC. They dont care about your experience and (YES) they will lie to you.


My mistake, I meant Carnival.


Carribean's contract reads the same way about no compensation or obligation and I suspect they all do.



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