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11 days prior to sailing RCCL contacts our family to say that they are not going to allow our son to go on cruise because of a policy violation from a prior cruise last summer. My son is age 25 and was involved in a altercation on a prior cruise. While we felt the other party was the instigator both parties were held equally to blame. The situation is done and over and in the past and now 8 months later just days before departure they cancel our entire Christmas vacation.

for 3-5 Business Days!

Our entire family has been loyal 20 year customers -and are at Diamond level and they call us today ruining our entire Christmas Holiday after everything is paid, airfare is non refundable. If this was such a concern then why were we not informed when we booked cruise..... they have our loyalty numbers attached to everything and every record.

While I have serious issue with their decision after 19 cruises with never a problem and over $90,000 paid to RCCL that they make a rash decision that my adult son is not suitable for cruising with them.

My children have grown up with this cruise line and they just throw 20 years of loyalty out the window..............The other real issue is waiting until we have no way to make other holiday plans, losing our non refundable airfare and mistreating some of their most loyal customers in such a way that would shame any reaonable company who wants and depends on loyalty.

This is an absolute travesty of customer service and loyalty ..... One small incident in 19 cruises and they hold it against us...... we are so hurt and saddened by this very poor judgement on the part of RCCL.

To say we will never sail with RCCL is a gross understatement. For the rest of lives we wil speak negatively about this experience and do all we can to disuade others from ever using this cruise line.


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No More RCCL!

I am wondering whether Royal Caribbean International waited until 11 days before your Christmas cruise to first inform you your son, who had been in an altercation on a previous cruise, was not permitted aboard; or whether Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines told you (or your son) during or after the previous cruise that your son was black listed and you (or he) booked hoping RCCL would not catch it.

Our experience with consistently declining Royal Caribbean customer service makes either or both scenarios plausible. At one time legitimate complaints to Royal Caribbean customer service received attention, prompted corrections or refunds or substitutions. Our recent experience has been RCCL listens politely, makes insincere promises, takes no corrective action, and dismisses the complaint as resolved.

Customer Service? Please consider this:

The wife of a friend (who often cruise with us and other friends as a group) experienced a painful fall on a wet marble floor in the Centrum, surrounded by this group of friends who witnessed it - one who had the presence of mind to photograph the wet floor. We feared she may have fractured or broken her hip. A medical team wisked her away to the Deck 1 Infirmary for examination and X-rays. The doctor could find no fracture or broken bone - just deep bruising. Meanwhile her husband was grilled in the waiting room by an RCCL security officer who called him a liar and announced he had located several witnesses who swore the marble floor in the Centrum was NOT wet.

What neither the Security officer nor the husband knew was that the same witness who photographed the wet marble floor where the lady fell, also took a picture of this same security officer wiping up the wet spot on the marble floor just before he went to the Infirmary!

The Infirmary shoved some papers in their face to sign. The Infirmary clerk insisted they were merely "standard forms". Their medical insurance was not accepted aboard ship. They were being asked to sign away all rights to compensation for medical malpractice, absolving Royal Caribbean International of all liabilities in this incident, and agreeing to add an outrageous $3769.00 to their SeaPass account for Infirmary expenses.

Both refused to sign such nonsense. They threatened to detain them aboard the ship unless they signed. They refused to sign. Then they were told they would be taken off the ship when it docked the next day. They passed by us being escorted by RCCL security like criminals back to their cabin. The husband managed to mouth "Help!" to us.

We called them and learned the horror of their experience. And they learned of the photographs proving RCCL coverup.

One friend, a lawyer, decided the situation warranted a to call the U.S.Consulate at our next port. The Consulate agreed to have someone meet all of us with legal representation at the dock when it arrived in the morning.

Our friend's account, witnesses, the photographs and the papers they had refused to sign made a very strong case against Royal Caribbean whom the lawyer described as ignoring passenger rights guaranteed under International Admiralty Laws like "Pirates". It took no less than a U.S. Consulate promise to detain the ship until this matter was resolved before RCCL backed out and the medical contractor finally agreed to remove medical charges if RCCL and the medical contractor did not have to admit liability.

This story isn't over. Once home, the wife went to her physician who, upon Xray, discovered a hairline fracture. But remember, RCCL and the medical contractor were not liable.

Several points:

I am convinced RCCL Security is primarily responsible to protect ship property and limit by whatever means ship liabilities; RCCL Security is only secondarily responsible for passenger safety or passenger property.

I am convinced RCCL (and most cruise lines) provide independent medical contractors "as a courtesy to passengers" and consider themselves absolved if you fail to purchase additional ship medical insurance.

I am convinced the independent medical staff aboard RCCL serves to both shield the cruise line as much as possible and treat the patient as expensively as the credit card permits.

We believe the reader should at least be aware that we have found this passenger/cruiseline understanding to be typical aboard most cruise lines and not just Royal Caribbean International. Anyone who desires to take a cruise should really read the fine print of their Ticket Contract before signing many taken for granted rights away. Our RCCL ticket contract states, "No undertaking or warranty shall be given or shall be implied as to the seaworthiness, fitness or condition of the Vessel..."

Think about it!



So, your *** white trash son was throwing his fists around and showing his true colors, and you expect a classy cruise ship to let his wigger *** back on the boat? Please. Go back to your trailer, watch some more Blue Collar Comedy Show, and shut the *** up.

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