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We paid for an 8 day cruise. Our toilet line leaked (sewage water) across our entire stateroom floor on day 4 (through no fault of our own, it was an internal pipe leak/burst from inside the wall, not a clogged toilet).

Our room was left uninhabitable. The smell was obscene. *Genuinely extreme.*

The stateroom floor (and many of our belongings) were left soaking wet wall-to-wall and stinking. We immediately brought it to the attention of management. Hours passed by. We were eventually offered "$100 off our next RCCL cruise." Needless to say, a fraction of the cost of having 50% of our trip ruined and the ordeal we had to go through. $100 doesn't even cover the damage to our suitcases nor the dry-cleaning bills. We turned down the $100.

Because we turned down the $100, the onus was now placed on us to resolve the issue and we had to escalate to onboard customer service. We spent nearly 2 hours dealing with them to receive an offer of 20% off our next cruise. Still no alternative accommodations. Still no damages covered. Still nowhere close to the cost of our room rendered useless for 50% of our trip. Still not even a fraction of our losses.

Their expectation was for us to remain in an incredibly foul-smelling (potentially hazardous) room with wet floors, wet sheets, wet luggage. No one should be subject to the environment of that room. No alternatives nor reimbursements provided.

In the last few months, I have had multiple calls and contact with RCCL. The umbrella the corporate customer service line is hiding behind is, "We cannot change any offer that was made onboard. Onboard offers are final." The onboard offer was declined; both the insulting $100 and the 20%. If somebody ran my car off the road and offered me $100, I would decline. Using, "I'm sorry but any offer at-the-time is final", into any future discussions is not an acceptable nor logical stance.

Especially when I have photographs and receipts to contest the very poor offer(s).

My $280 suitcase went in the garbage. No credit offered. We spent the latter half of our trip imposing on family members - we had no other choice.

Thousands of dollars spent on this cruise and RCCL refuse to accept responsibility and own their (very hazardous) error resulting in our room and belongings simply ruined.

We were not, and are not, asking for anything over and above simply having our costs reimbursed, although there is a fair case to be made about the health and safety conditions and the expectations of the cruise line for us to remain in a literally sewage-water-soaked stateroom.

RCCL has been fighting us tooth and nail when they are clearly in the wrong. A pipe burst/leak coming from the wall is well outside of our control. But our room and belongings (and trip) suffered the consequence.

Having worked in hospitality for most of my career, this was both a horrific and hazardous customer experience as well as a failed attempt at rectifying the issue and restoring any kind of guest satisfaction or faith in RCCL's product and service. I would not wish this environment nor experience on anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Royal Caribbean Cruise.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2280.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Royal Caribbean Pros: Destinations, Onboard service members.

Royal Caribbean Cons: Customer service, Facilities, Unsafe environment, Hazardous environment.

  • Water
  • Sewer Line
  • Not Taking Responsibility
  • Hazardous
  • Sewage
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Time for an attorney as the only way to fully get their attention is with a suit. They likely have insurance that would cover situations like this, but the attitude of Royal Caribbean is cause for worry if anyone is thinking of booking a cruise with them. There are any other and better alternatives for a cruise.

Mike H

Appreciate the post. We've booked Carnival already for this year's cruise ;)

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