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1. We was in a hit and run accident and almost missed the boat.

2.We got rear ended and the car that hit us decided to not pull over, so the cab driver decided to go on a high speed chase with my children in the taxi. He gave up after I screamed and begged him to pull over. I have the police report.

3.we was refuse medical treatment because I couldn't afford to pay for all four, we were blessed to be able to partake in his cruise by pitching penny's.

4. We entered our cabin, my quadrapelegic daughter(who's 21 birthday we was celebrating) could not get her wheelchair in the door. She could not bath, or use the restroom and had to go to a bathroom on a different floor. I called repeatedly to request better accommodation just so she could bath and use the restroom and time and time again we where refused.

5. I had to see the doctor because my head and neck pain was unbearable. When I got home and tried to pay for parking at the airport my card was declined because of an outrageous doctor bill charge.

My daughters 21 birthday SUCKED and now we are hurt physically and financially broke from our July 4,2015 Oasis vacation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you were so broke that you were pinching pennies and could not even afford to pay to park your car, perhaps you should have chosen a more budget-friendly way to celebrate than a cruise. Your accident-related medical bills are not the cruiseline's fault.

And unless you requested a handicapped stateroom upon booking, these accommodations are not guaranteed. Did you perhaps try to pinch a few more pennies by accepting the cheapest stateroom on board, regardless of it's accessibility status?

Monterey, California, United States #1050521

Unless the other vehicle that hit your taxi was a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship, I'm not sure how you can hold them responsible for this. As for the issues with your room, I'm assuming that you knew you would need an accessible room when you booked the cruise. Unfortunately most people are not mind-readers and unless you requested an accessible room odds are you would not accidentally get placed in one.


I'm not really sure how the cruise can be held responsible for the hit and run or your doctor bills. If you went to the doctor, of course you will have a bill for it, which you knew since you had already been to see the doctor and decided you couldn't afford it.

Did you try taking a pain killer before going to the doctor?

Also, did you make arrangements for your daughter when you booked? I have been on several cruises through many different cruise lines, and they always ask during booking if my party needs and special accommodations.


1. WERE in an accident.





Other than that, so sorry you had a bad time. A 21st birthday should be special.

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