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No running or drinking water on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the seas almost a full day No water to flush toilets, No shower's, No sink to wash hands , and No water to drink not even In there food service areas. And to add insult to injury they tell you sorry about your luck buy a soda, beer or liqour that's all we have to drink.

Then when you call to complain they tell you well we can't do anything to help you because if we compensate you on any way shape or form we would have to compensate everyone else that was on your sailing. Every sailing with Royal Caribbean always has some problem like they mis-input my USA Passport number and get me taken off the ship by Homeland security on return to Port all the while to figure out that the Royal Caribbean check in staff mis typed my passport number which was an extreme embarrassment and resulted in hours of wasted time and a ruined vacation, then a previous vacation was double charged for rooms and they refused to give me the promised double cruise points i had even taped them when i was guaranteed to get double points , looking for that video i found this one.

and all they had to say was " even though the calls are recorded the staff made a mistake in quoting the official policy" well that's not my problem I would have never double booked Angry if I wasn't getting double points. So this is how Royal treats there guests they don't care about anyone but the bottom line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Royal Caribbean Cruise.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: the cruise points im owed and promised for paying for 2 tickets, and a solution for past issuees.

Royal Caribbean Cons: No response from guest services, Scripted meaningless apology no solutions, Bad customer service and policies.

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Why do you keep crusining with them if you’ve had “past problems”? Seems like you are extremely interested in points and refunds, rather than getting over your ruined trips—cheapskate!


If your promised something u should get in and i bet your poor self has never spent $5000 on a suite and no we're did it say a refund was asked for but your probably too uneducated to read and comprehend


I cannot help but reply that you are calling another uneducated- yet you clearly do not know how to speak or write properly. I also agree that if you have so many problems on Royal Caribbean cruises then why do you keep wasting your money sailing with them? It seems if you have so much money and education as you seem to believe then you would have the intelligence to pick a more suitable cruise line.

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