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I started cruising in 2011 with a group. It was a European cruise and my family & I each had a multiple entry Schengen visa prior to this so, we had no need to ask about visas.

Two years later, about to go on a Caribbean cruise. I asked the agent we used about visa requirements. She said to contact RCC. I did. RCC staff knew requirements ONLY for only about US & Canadian passport holders. They had no clue as to whether or not other nationalities would need visas or not. Were they aware that some countries did not require cruise ship passengers to have visas? No.

We are planning a Hawaii to Sydney Cruise in 2019. Again, I have reached out to RCC through my agent - they STILL don't know, don't care about non-US/Canadian citizens! They repeat the "it's your responsibility" spiel but have no idea what the requirements of the destination countries are.

That kind of ignorance is unacceptable in a company that deals with intending and current passengers from ALL OVER the GLOBE. With the amount of money one pays, not just for the cruise, but for even getting to and from the cruise ship, one would expect that RCC would do better in terms of available information or even references/web links, things like that.

Instead, what we get is unapologetically ignorant customer service staff, whom if the reviews are to be taken into account, don't really seem to care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Royal Caribbean Customer Care.

Reason of review: Information.

Preferred solution: Customer Service staff need to know more than just the product (cruise and, types of rooms) and that US & Canada are not the only countries in the world!..

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For someone who has been "cruising" since 2011, one would think you wouldn't rely on anyone but yourself to get the information you need. Their "spiel" is there for a reason.

To protect themselves from whatever could come of giving you bad advice or advice you just didn't hear right. How about this, try being an adult and get your own info.

If you were able to find this site for your banal and lame complaint, you surely could Google up what you need. Go...."You must work for (insert company)"


If you’ve got nothing to say, you really shouldn’t take up space. Being rude is lame, banal and crass.

This isn’t about googling - it’s about knowledge and customer service of a company that deals with Nationals of SEVERAL countries.

If it was about not giving bad advice, how come they only know about US and Canadian citizens? They give advice on those.


No one really cares about your complaint or you for that matter...

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