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Went on a cruise in January with port stops to coco cay and Nassau. Cruise was okay itself, but not great because it was so windy and coco cay got canceled.

The big thing is that they put a hold on my card that wasn’t suppose to be there. Because of this hold my account started to overdraft and accrued fees of $108. The cruise line told me once the hold was reversed that the fees would also be reversed. I Was still onboard at this point, so there wasn’t much I could do other than trust that this was true.

When I got home I found out from the bank this wasn’t true and that they don’t reverse the fees unless it is their own fault. This was the start of a month long ordeal that is still ongoing. I have been on the phone with royal Caribbean and my bank alternately and then I have been on 2 conference calls for my bank to explain to them that if they hadn’t had a hold on that money my account would have never overdrafted. Royal Caribbean finally said okay we will refund these fees back to you, but it will take 3-5 business days.

I wait and call on day 3 and they say it is still being processed by accounting. On the 5th day I call and they say it will be the next business day which would be Monday but it was a holiday, so come this morning and money is still not in my account. I argue with them and they apologize insincerely and by this point I have been denied 2 times to speak with a manager. They call me back after I told them to get a manager and hung.

This is not a manager and this person says there was an error on my ticket and that they had to resubmit it, so it will be another 3-5 business days before the money will be in my account. I talked to many people on the boat and they said they were tipping cash after purchasing a drink package and were never told about the automatic $58 gratuity added to their accounts and that is when I checked my account with the boat and discovered the charge that wasn’t suppose to be there.

There were also other people who didn’t scratch out the tip line and bartenders were adding their own tip. I’m guessing these issues are all adding up big time for royal Caribbean and they are making bank on the people who don’t check their accounts carefully.

Product or Service Mentioned: Royal Caribbean Customer Care.

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nikmik, YOU are confused! Go read the RCCL website for the drink card packages.

It states in fine print that an 18% gratuity is CHARGED FOR EVERY DRINK YOU ORDER. So those who tipped in cash or on the printout TIPPED TWICE


This wasn’t a charge for drinks. My charge was for an activity that was suppose to go on my cousins account.

This was a lottery cruise and my drink package and tips were already included in this. The other complaints I listed were from other people on the cruise.


You are obviously a first time cruiser, you are very confused. First, the auto gratuity is for room steward, bus staff in buffet area, etc.

It is NOT for your drinks, it is added to your sail&sign on the day prior to your last day on board. This is explained on their website and every cruiseline does it. Second, they also explain the "holds" they put on your bank account. You obviously put no time into preparing for your cruise or you would know these things.

ALSO.... You should never travel with so little money in your bank account, especially out of the country!! What would you do in an emergency?

The " holds" are small should have had enough to cover them. Don't cruise if you can't afford it.


This was a lottery cruise where everything was paid for except extras like activities and shopping. There was an activity that was suppose to be charged to my cousin but got charged to me instead.

This was my first vacation in 6 years and I’m a broke single mom so I had a very tight budget. If an emergency happened I would have had a different card to charge it to.

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