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Dreams crushed on the Liberty of the Seas 6/11-6/18

Why not get the best customer service?

Just finished on the Liberty of the Seas Barcelona, Toulon, Nice , Rome, Napoli in the Presidential Suite for dream of a lifetime- Family Reunion, mother's retirement as a banker for 30 years with Wells Fargo, grandmother's 82nd birthday, nephews 15th birthday, daughters birthday, my birthday, and fathers day gift. Our dream vacation was the worse nightmare. We were treated not as GOLD C&A members but rather than second class citizens. It first started with getting thru the Pier staff at Barcelona with Anna then Yolanda-PORT supervisor. They were rude and accusatory because of the booking glitch for our party of 14. Then we were pawned off to the Fatima Ship's Administrative Officer who could not get our sea passes set up. She then punted us to our Concierge Mario Adonis Reyes. Even he could not get our sea passes set up correctly. We were not able to get into our Presidential Suite let alone put charges our our sea pass. To add more insult the Cruise Assistant Staff Becky Smith had her own staff not able to tell the difference between GOLD vs stand guests when we tried to enter the shows- half of our party was denied access. At this point this was when my mother cried and wept openly about being humiliated. We next dealt with the Guest Services Front Manager Nieslen who was not any more able to correct the problems with our sea pass cards. His Guest Relations staff even tried to call security on my brother in law due to the poor guest services interactions. In the end it took the last day Berniece, Guest Services Manager to address our concerns after we had meet her during our behind the scenes tour of the Captains Bridge. She tried her best albeit a difficult one to make our cruise better and correct her staff's incompetence. She even offered us initially 25 % then 50% off future cruises within one year for our entire presidential suite party. My mother's response was she will not be returning to royal caribbean as a GOLD Crown & Anchor member and would cancel her upcoming Allure of the Seas vacation. My mother is a woman who prides in her professionalism of great customer service as a banker and to experience the humiliating treatment by the Yolanda - Pier Supervisor, Fatima Ship Administrative officer, Mario Reyes - Concierge, Becky Smith- Cruise Assistant Staff, Nielsen- Guest Relations Front Manager- crushed her dreams. So I ask Royal Caribbean the Nation of Why Not? Why we did not get the dream of a lifetime?? I post this for cruisers to be aware to get the question of WHY NOT get the best customer service.

Sincerely Saddened GOLD Crown & Anchor Member

Review about: Royal Caribbean Cruise Booking.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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The trouble with RCI is that they are going downmarket.

Their ideal customer is someone that smokes and gambles which is why they now allow smoking in the casino from UK ports (cough cough) and someone that drinks heavily and buys one of their drinks packages where they have to drink even more to make it worthwhile. They might also be daft enough to buy something from the art sale or invest in the overpriced and badly organised excursions or transfers.

In 2012 and 2013 they were superb.

2014 was a disaster, never again.

It felt like 2 weeks in a timeshare presentation as they tried continually to extort more money from us. Just awful.


This gentleman need to go Carnival is excelente service jajja


What a bunch of crock, get over it, RCI prides it self of customer service and ensuring they go all the way to take care of the customers needs. I'm a Diamond Plus member and never had any issues, no Cruise Line is perfect, there are always something's that don't go according to plan or expecations, but it's the recovery that make the diference, RCI does that.


I can confirm the terrible service, in general, and the useless Guest Services in particular. I had to stand in line and complain every day about erroneous charges on my ship board account but Guest Services would not help.

The good news is that I had set up my shipboard account with on a CASH basis. This is an option they don't like to tell you about. So, at the end of the trip, I paid my legitimate charges in cash. The rest, they can put wherever it fits.

I am an experienced traveler.

I have been all over the world. I know the difference between good service and bad.

The service aboard Allure of the Seas was mediocre on the best days. It pales in comparison with other lines owned by the same company such as Celebrity.


My issue as well, the customer service, funny thing is i went on there Facebook page and told my story and they all ganged up on me like they all worked there.

RCL is for upper class clowns,

I guess there all still stuck in 1912 Like the RMS Titanic.


Anyone that has cruised on RCI one time is a GOLD Crown & Anchor member. Get over yourself.


I just returned from the most incredible 9 day cruise on RC. I find it hard to believe nobody could rectify your problems and we had phenomenal service.

I NEVER spoke to anyone on our cruise who had a complaint about RC. Everyone raved about them both past and present.


I went on the same ship right before, I saw excellent service - they were too helpful if anything. You really gave us no specifics so are you just a competitor posting nonsense?

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