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Tried to delete this complaint, But can\'t delete it. If I knew that, I would not posted on this s-h-i-t a-s-s site!

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I I am writing to submit a complaint about the dining room management on the Monarch of the Seas. I was a guest in Cabin 3596 on the Monarch's Nov. 14-18 trip to the Bahamas from Port Canaveral. Originally I planned to travel with my brother and sister in law, Frank and Elizabeth , and each of us made special booking arrangements to make sure we were seated at the same dining table. My relatives became ill and were unable to travel, but my friend and I proceeded with the cruise and found our assigned places at Table 140 in Claude's dining room (early seating). The first evening was fine. The next two evenings, we used the Windjammer buffet for meals. On the fourth evening, we returned to the dining room, hoping to enjoy the special presentation farewell dinner, but found two women at our table. They told us they had been assigned to the table the second night, and refused to move or even to change chairs. I spoke to the assistant waiter who took my Sail Pass and went off to check with someone. He returned and told us just "You are welcome to join them. Please join them." "JOIN THEM"? It was my *** table!!!!!! Rather than create a scene, we left because we felt our privacy had been violated without our permission. This incident spoiled the evening for us and left a negative feeling about what had been a pleasant cruise otherwise. I have cruised several times on the Carnival line and the MSC line and never encountered this type of problem.

Our cabin steward Stephen Monteiro was very concerned when he learned what happened and went to the dining room to see what could be done. He reported back to us that the maitre d' had changed the seating. A dining room manager called our cabin about 30 minutes later to offer a private table at the second seating. By that time, my appetite was ruined, and my friend had retrieved a slice of pizza from Sorrento. I told the manager my family had paid for all four seats at the table, and should have received the privacy it desired. If he wanted to change seating, he should have asked my permission ahead of time. We would have been glad to be relocated to a 2-seat table.

All the dining staff received the RCL-recommended gratuities from us, and we left extra for Stephen for his efforts to make amends. My brother and sister had to cancel 3 hours before the ship sailed, so they could not get a refund, and the tips were still giving to the dining management.

My family and I are making plans for another cruise next spring. My brother is a fan of RCL but after hearing of this incident, both he and I are hesitant about traveling with RCL again. Our family has been taking cruises once or twice a year for the past 15 years.

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If you can read,(I doubt it)Monarch of the Seas is Royal Caribbean, not Carnival.And at the top it says "Royal Caribbean Complaint"I got your lies right here, ***!!!Just a COMMON trouble maker.. You must work for them.


First you said this happened on Carnival Cruise Lines and now you say it happened on Royal Caribbean. Which one is it? Hard to keep your lies straight isn't it?

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