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I was on Ovation of the Seas from 12/12 - 12/22/2018 celebrating my 50th birthday. I’ve cruised multiple times with Royal Caribbean and have never had an experience like this one.

Before we even set foot in our suite I purchased the WiFi for two of my devices. I had a credit on my a count already, so once we were able to get into our cabin I check my account on the television and the credit hadn’t been applied, but I noticed later that I had a credit for over $300 dollars and this credit remained there the entire cruise so I’m thinking the extra $200 was a credit for bring in a suite. I went to guest services and questioned it and was advice that all credit showing was credit given and it will all come off at the end of the cruise when the accounts are settled. Well what I got was a total shock to me the morning of disembarkment.

I go to guest relations and was advised it was a glitch in the system and everyone had received credit that wasn’t due. I then responded that’s totally not true because it’s not reflecting on my cousins account and she just stood there in silence and then says, “ there’s nothing that can be done”. I asked why wasn’t I informed it was a mistake and why was my account never updated? No answer, so I just walk away shaking my head.

I called Royal Caribbean and spoke to Kelvin ( at least that’s what I think he stated his name was) and explained the entire story to him. I then proceed to guess relations while he’s on the phone and get Kylie who’s the assistant manager of guess services. Kylie goes on to tell me it was a glitch in the system and it was corrected in the activity history I was like the amount of credit was never corrected to reflect the $200 credit as being an error. Kylie had no explanation as to why the credit was never adjusted on the account.

I was told that it wasn’t going to be adjusted and I would be billed for the total of $669.47. I explained to Kylie there were purchased I would not have made because on error had I been advised it was an error. Kylie came a crossed as disinterested in what was going on while talking with Kelvin she was speaking to staff on the ship then asking him to repeat himself. Needless to say I didn’t get a resolution because I had an international flight to caught but I did make them both aware this wasn’t over.

I get home in December the 23rd and called Royal Caribbean and spoke to Camille that was very unprofessional until I told her about herself. Camille proceeds to tell me how a manager has already stated I’m not getting the $200 credit and there was no supervisor to speak to and how I could get a call back in 2-3 business days. I will admit I was heated at the bring of the call. Camille goes on to say she can escalate the issue but it’s not going to change anything.

I was like the what’s the purpose? I had already said I was going to dispute the charges with my bank and Camille stated yes do that in her condensing tone. I go on to ask if it’s common practice for the company to make mistakes but not alert the passengers that it’s effecting and her reply was no. I told Camille that when a show was changed due to weather a message was posted with any second thoughts but when the company makes an error on accounts it was never in the thought process of management to send out a message or leave a notice outside of our stateroom to advise the credit was made in error and the credit balance on the television account was incorrect.

This amount was listed the entire trip and per Keylie this error was caught the fist full day of cruising but no one felt the need to notified the passengers it affected. In the conversation I had with Camille she stated the ship said they’re not honoring the credit and so there’s nothing that could be done. I said you’re in the corporate office and those employees work for the company not the other way around and each one of you are covering your butt by saying nothing can be done and passing the buck. I’m supposed to be getting a call back but I’m not sure from whom because Camille didn’t want to take ownership of the problem and she let me know she wouldn’t be back to work I until the 29th so if she comminuted by email with the ship it would just sit there until she return.

I tell her it’s a day before Christmas Eve so what different did it make because everyone would be off for the holidays. I have to file a formal dispute with my bank.

I will consulting a lawyer to get some advice on this situation because I feel like this is about to be a I’m going battle. $200 may not be a big deal to some but it’s a lot to me.

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You state you are out $200 that you were not suppose to get to begin with and now you are going to hire an attorney over $200 because is a big deal to you. Do you have any idea how much an attorney charges per hour? I am guessing not.

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