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We booked a cruise to Cuba on Nov 3 leaving on Dec 4. On Nov 8 POTUS places new restrictions on travel to Cuba which would not allow us to leave the ship unless we bought on of RC excursions and had to stay with the group and guide the entire time.

We were not free to walk around and not able to to business with over 180 businesses in Cuba. We wanted to switch our cruise, which by the way would have been more expensive and asked they credit towards the new cruise due to the sanctions. They advised us there would be a 75% cancellation fee and we would have to rebook. They won’t be getting any of my money and I have cancelled and contested the charge with my CC Co.

There are plenty of other cruise lines that care about their customers. RC doesn’t!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Royal Caribbean Cruise Booking.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Preferred solution: Credit towards a different cruise.

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Peter E

I'm sorry that your vacation plans got altered like that. Please don't get discouraged from traveling.

I've completed tours in Asia, though I would never go back to Vietnam for obvious reasons. I encourage you to consider cruises going west.


btw here is my website where you can BOYCOTT Royal Caribbean Cruises for denying a service dog on board their ship



You are so right, Royal Caribbean Cruises does not give a damn about it's passengers or abiding by the law. They would not allow me to bring my service dog of 5 years with my on a cruise in April 2017 telling me that there was no place for my dog to go to the toilet and that having a dog on their ships was against their health and safety regulations.

When I told them I could bring my service dog with me on public transport, to my doctors, to the supermarket and everywhere else on land and why was it different on the sea ? They said that the rules on the ocean were different to the rules on the ocean.

Because I have a mental disability and did not know the law until someone on Facebook told me after the cruise was over, I foolishly believe the royal Caribbean cruises staff member that my service dog was not allowed on their ships. Please help me by visiting my website and signing my petition to tell royal Caribbean that you would not sail with them ever again. I was even told only last week by a cruel and heartless woman who works in their office in North Sydney Australia that if I was sick I should not have been allowed to travel.

She said that a disabled passenger is sick and as such should not have even traveled and that it was my own fault for travelling. This is so disgusting and so discriminatory. I never knew that being disabled was enough to not let you use travel ships like so called 'normal people' can use .

I think they need a major overhaul and investigation by the United Nations maritime authorities and other independent agencies because the staff inside royal Caribbean cruises would be the most fraudulent lying corrupt pigs I have ever come across. The woman who said that being disabled was a sickness and I should not have been allowed to even get on the ship was

Rebecca Lobb

and her details are here in case you would like to let her know what you think of her.

Ms Rebecca Lobb

claims.intl@rccl.com Phone number (02) 9959 3922 Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Travel Services North Sydney 80 Arthur St North Sydney New South Wales 2060 Australia Phone number (02) 9959 3922


Where would the dog go to the bathroom? Animals don’t belong on cruises, in restaurants, malls, doctor’s offices, planes, etc.

Things are getting ridiculous with the “service animals”. I’m a huge animal lover but I leave my menagerie at home where they belong. I must agree that if you are too sick to travel without a dog, you should not travel—that also goes for any other illness or condition, even pregnancy. It is not the responsibility of anyone to meet your medical needs.

That is completely up to you and your family.

Cruises and flights are Services for the masses, and they can’t bend the rules for each and every person’s comfort or desire. If a person has such special considerations that it is too uncomfortable for them to go as a regular person without a dog, maybe they should choose an aternate form of vacation.


I sympathize. It would be nice to visit cuba, like Russia, but we don't have that type of relationship with them yet.


Fools. It is a communist country.

THEY do not want Americans running free in their country.

It has nothing to do with POTUS or RCCL. Try running around North Korea...


I wasn’t looking to go to N Korea. I wanted to visit and explore Cuba and while it is a communist country I wanted to visit and talk to people to get a different prospective as to how they live under their government and their thoughts and feelings. Russia is also a communist country and many others we are allowed to visit.


Wrong, one hundred percent Trump's fault


Place the blame for this where it belongs and dump the trump..

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